From Novel to Movie Script

From Literature to Cinema ; from Novel to Movie Script | The Story Department. A very helpful article for those of us travelling down this challenging road!


2 thoughts on “From Novel to Movie Script

    • DaviMack:The rule of Hollyweed: we’ll use the character and maybe place names, but the final work will be a total rape of the orgiinal.The ONLY outstanding exception to the rule that I’ve ever seen is the rendition of Sherlock Holmes. I continue to watch them as repeats on the Biography Channel. (And Poirot, of course, but since I’m not such a fan of reading Poirot, I won’t comment on faithfulness to the orgiinal).Skipped the Narina series. Tried to watch LOTR, and made it a whole 30 seconds into it before I could find the remote to turn it off and promptly took it back to the store, not wanting that abomination to share my airspace.The takeaway is this: as a writer, it is your responsibility to retain film rights in your contracts. Period. End of discussion. If it takes hiring an agent to accomplish this, do so before signing the contract it’s legit, and there are agents out there who specialize in just contract negotiation.If you sell those rights, you’ll end up like Rockwell, Leguin, and many others, I’m sure.Now, if you have a greedy descendant that’s another problem. (C.S. Lewis didn’t sell the rights, but some descendant did so, even though Lewis was ; Frank Herbert finished the Dune series, thank you Brian, so please stop with the knock-offs).

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