Amanda’s Bio

Amanda Asquith is a writer and producer who loves screen and stage, writing novels and collaborating with other creatives to make excellent works. She has a few screenplays in various stages, and a novel, is on the writing team for a radio series, a writer on a globally collaborative film project, is producing short films for other writers and producing a theatre project. Amanda wrote the script for a short film which aired on Foxtel’s Aurora Channel in 2005, To Buy or Not to Buy, and wrote a musical theatre production, The Journey, which was performed at Parramatta’s Riverside Theatres in December 2008. The Journey is the story of Next Level Generation, a Parramatta based performing arts company which makes the arts accessible to youth of Sydney and beyond by offering its tuition for free in dance, drama and singing.

Amanda is also a photographer who enjoys capturing landscapes, animals, nature and performing arts/entertainment subjects. Find some of her work on Flickr:

Amanda loves good music and has a very eclectic taste. Her iPod carries a virtual smorgasbord of music from theatre classics to current hits, from ballads to hip hop. Amanda has a background in performing dance and drama, and appreciates good food and wine. She loves to travel and has had the privilege of visiting several countries including India, Kenya, Malaysia, Singapore and the US. On her list are many more, especially France, Italy, Spain, South America and the UK.

In previous lives, Amanda’s experience has been in the medical sector, working as an orthoptist with some of Australia’s best ophthalmologists, then venturing into the hectic and demanding world of events management, mainly working in the operations area. Her current employment is in broadcast operations for the Nine Network, Australia’s largest free-to-air television network.

Amanda is chasing the dream of ditching the day job and writing and producing screen and theatre, filmmaking and related fields on a full time basis.


2 thoughts on “Amanda’s Bio

  1. I am particularly interested in collaborating with you on one of my film projects here in Sydney and Melbourne
    Lan Christine Parks
    Destiny’s WEB
    #Sydney #Brisbane #GoldCoast #Melbourne #NewYork #Milan

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