BC Stack is Back!

There are deals and specials being thrown at us right and left, looking for our engagement and hoping to draw us in to further sales. But that, of course, is how business operates. What if you could make a small investment of time and money for a return that could potentially continue over a number of years? Check out the 2017 BC Stack – especially if you’re a writer or blogger – this deal is mind-blowing! Be quick – ends 26 July.


This is what Dan Morris (head honcho) has to say about this year’s stack:

BC STACK is not just ebooks, it’s lots of things like:
30 minute 1-on-1 session with the Jairek Robbins team
30 minute 1-on-1 session with Author Vernon Ross
$35 Gift Certificate to a PLR Store
Get your logo (or other image) animated
BrainstormTools.com for free for 6 months
Get your blog reviewed
Get your podcast edited
Get ready made marketing plans

. . . and that’s just 8 of the 65 products in this year’s BC Stack.

Want to grow your podcast?

See what your podcast sounds like when you get it professionally edited by Natasha Rivera.
Let Ani Alexander teach you how to accelerate the success of your Podcast.
And Kirsten Oliphant is going to teach you how to create a podcast course,
not to mention courses on WordPress, blogging, traffic and tech skills to drive traffic to your show and show notes pages.

Plus get a 30 minute 1-on-1 session with Vernon Ross to learn how to perfect your “voice” and that’s just 5 of the 65 products in this year’s BC Stack.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

We’re going to give you access to a live Hashtag Library so you can stop spending time searching.We’re going to teach you how to use Camtasia so you can make videos for your FAQ’s and stop answering so many emails.

We’re going to teach you how to use Camtasia so you can make videos for your FAQ’s and stop answering so many emails.
We’re going to give you Jessica Turner’s book “Stretched Too Thin” to help you manage overwhelm.

Tawyna Sutherland, leader of the largest VA training company in the world, is going to teach you how outsource the stuff you don’t like to a VA.

Do you love fascinating mindset and leadership insights?

Neal Shaffer teaches corporations all over the world how to influence, he’s going to share that with you.
Let Ann Smarty teach you how to make things go viral.
Kelly McCausey’s momentum intensive is going to teach you how to focus and get clarity without making you feel badly about yourself, but instead make you feel great about yourself.
Jessica Turner teaches moms how to overcome overwhelm and get serious about their business.
Ricky Shetty and Scot Paton travel the world as digital nomads and teach you the secrets.

Plus get a 30 minute 1-on-1 session with Tony Robbin’s son, Jairek Robbins, to clarify your success  – and that’s just 6 of the 65 products in this year’s BC Stack.


Get access to your stack here:




Pilar Alessandra – Sydney Screenwriting Seminar

In February 2014, I had the pleasure and privilege of organising and enjoying LA-based screenwriting instructor Pilar Alessandra’s Screenwriting Intensive One Day Seminar – one event in Sydney and one in Melbourne. Pilar was kind enough to give some of her time to an interview with fantastically talented actor, presenter and writer, Kristy Best.

Head on over to Vimeo to check it out. And remember to visit Pilar’s website, http://onthepage.tv for great screenwriting tips, podcasts and courses.

A Little Piece of Me

I love it when I watch a show, film or read a book that has a lead character with whom I identify. I see a trait or similarity which resonates with me and draws me in. And somehow, I also identify with the writer. Because more often than not, we write characters who contain a fair bit of us. We write from what we know and then what we would like to see develop in ourselves. That character who could never trust finally learns that people really care or that running from the hard stuff doesn’t work after all reflects that deep part of a writer who struggles with the same issues. The writer sees a chance for change and aspires to that end and then also draws in those who join in with cheering that character on to reach the goal.

I believe that the best writers allow themselves to be vulnerable and open to having their own flaws used as inspiration for really great stories. As scary as it is to ‘bare your soul’ before the world and risk humiliation, the one who takes the risk gets the gold. For some, that is an eminently easier exercise than it is for the rest of us. Because anyone who knows you will recognise the ‘you’ in that hero. And everyone has their boundaries.

So of course, not all of us writers cheerfully throw ourselves out there, openly expressing that our characters reflect some of the worst parts of us. And the balance is that we use the great parts of us in character too. All I can say is that our stories become truly real when we let the dimensions and dynamic of our own life struggles, experiences and victories build the fabric of the script and create characters with whom we like to laugh, cry and cheer on. Because we want the same thing in our own lives. It brings hope, it brings release and yes, even helps others. Wow – that’s a lot achieved just through a film or novel or theatre production. But we are the court jesters, send to stir the conscience of the king – or the politician, or the council worker or the business owner, or the sport star, the teenager, the mother.

Let’s not underestimate the power we have to affect the lives of others. At the end of the day, every artist is allowing the great big world into their soul for a time. We get to catch a glimpse of the deepest part of the artist, and that’s what makes us all connect. So let that little piece of you shine through your work. You just don’t know who is watching.