Pilar Alessandra – Sydney Screenwriting Seminar

In February 2014, I had the pleasure and privilege of organising and enjoying LA-based screenwriting instructor Pilar Alessandra’s Screenwriting Intensive One Day Seminar – one event in Sydney and one in Melbourne. Pilar was kind enough to give some of her time to an interview with fantastically talented actor, presenter and writer, Kristy Best.

Head on over to Vimeo to check it out. And remember to visit Pilar’s website, http://onthepage.tv for great screenwriting tips, podcasts and courses.


Hugh Jackman on Les Misérables & Live Theatre

Les Miserables will be something special, and I love Hugh’s quote on theatre.

Hugh Jackman Speaks On ‘Les Misérables’ & Live Theatre | Flicks and Bits.

‘Les Miserables’ is one of the greatest stories ever told, and it really is an uplifting story about the human spirit. It is a rare feeling to be in something that you know you will look back on as one the highlights of your life. Read more . . .

11 Laws of Great Storytelling | The Story Department

11 Laws of Great Storytelling | The Story Department.

Jeffrey Hirschberg found out there are 11 Laws of Great Storytelling – trends that exist in many of the most memorable stories of all time. “While it is impossible to have a foolproof formula, I have learned certain principles dramatically increase the probability of your story achieving a modicum of greatness.” Read full article . . .